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How does a cylinder head temp gauge work

This spacer does not affect the resistance values when the engine is cold or when it is fully warm, but it does delay the change in resistance during warm-up, The spacer temporarily insulates the temperature sensor housing from the heat of the cylinder head". The cylinder head temp will be about 140 All the mods I am talking about are for a 260 as well as a steel sleeve motor, With a one-piece plate the popet valve does nothing. Example Only: Coolant Temp in cylinder head is 210. It has been a couple of days and everything is running normal. Cylinder head temperature gauge (including tachometer) by Had Robinson. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer - 6 Cylinder at Amazon. There are also model specific XGauges for the 7. One for each engine, of course. com within 72 hours of purchase. Look for an induction leak on that cylinder. 01/04/2005 · This is a 1990 150 merc, velocity stacks, low water intake, jack plate, etc. All of my RACE PARTS you see in my videos are purchased from VTcycles. For example, at 90ºC (194ºF) the voltage could read either 0. Compression ratio, cam timing, cylinder head flow, and all the rest of the goodies that go into an So even if the cylinder is expanding at a slower rate, it might still get to the "finish line" (the operating temp dimension) at the same time the piston does, perhaps even before the piston does. Location of a cylinder head temperature sensor on a ford expedition? Temperature Gauge Sending Unit. Not one I tested could ever be properly calibrated or relied on in any way for any valid information or even as a …The sensor for the V-6 is on the cylinder head near cylinder #5 just below the ignition coil. 03/09/2009 · hi I would like to install a VDO cylinder head temp gauge on my 750. sensor read's coolant or water temp only, not air, if cooling system is empty, coolant temp. You first need to thread your aftermarket sender into the top of the coolant elbow on the head. Does anyone know if there is more than one sensor? Also will I have to05/05/2015 · Grizzly Engine & Transmission Discuss your Grizzly engine and transmission modifications here. Verify the radiator hoses are hot and the cooling system is pressurized. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should best proceed? This Koso tachometer and cylinder heat temperature (CHT) gauge is a very nice piece, and comes complete with the gauge, instructions, wiring, a temperature sender for liquid cooled engines, and mounting hardware. Installing a temp gauge can seem hard but its actually very simple. Oil temp usually runs about 20 degrees01/04/2005 · The Boating Forum - no compression in one cylinder - This is a 1990 150 merc, velocity stacks, low water intake, jack plate, etc. When I did the fix on mine, I was able to test the temp gauge with the cluster removed from the car by jumping two of the pins on the back of the temperature/gas gauge with a 6V battery and alligator clips. 3 cylinder S/N 18052501 and up. Santa gave me two temp sensors (from MACs), one fore each engine head. 9L SOHC' started by gnx547, Look at the rear of the cylinder head. D. Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Products All internal combustion engines are equipped with several cylinders that work together with pistons to transfer energy all throughout your system. The cylinder head temp gauge (called and Outboard Temp Gauge) is more difficult to install, since you will have to mount the sensor (supplied with the gauge) on the engine. Cylinder Head Temperature; We continue to work to deliver the functionality, durability and high quality finish that have earned our products a best-in-class Does anyone know a reasonably price CHT gauge with a spark plug sender? I believe keeping track of the head temp on a speed modified golf cart engine is an added safety factor to prevent overheating. Horsepower and torque are all about cylinder pressure. It does not work reliably on my TZ350 cylinder head, the needle bounces all over the place. If the gauge goes right up?then its a faulty temp sender. Does 70 mph plus. That told me the 180* thermostats hadn't opened yet, but the temp gauge was pegged beyond 'H'. If you really are curious buy a venom temp gauge and wrap the sensor right at the top of the combustion chamber (back side) a fin or two down depending on the fin configuration. How much does it cost to replace a head gasket? Usually the repair estimate you receive as an answer to this question is enough to make you want to scrap your car and start riding a bike. so i am using both the head temp switch and the coolant sensor which is tapped in. do You know what temp of a thermostat is in the engine now ? cht does have a delay as does water temp and egt's, which is another good way but not perfect . "Mechanical temperature gauges also utilize a bourdon tube. to help you work While driving my 06 F150 into work last Friday the temp gauge went from Normal to Hot after about 25 miles. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. this is at normal operating temps: 3-4 bars on bike's temp gaugenot ridden before temp readings, so air flow is not an issue. Either bad cylinder head skim job, or bad cylinder head / gasket fit job by mechanic or fine hairline crack on side of cylinder head or engine block. Click to expand well, its cause i have an '03 engine in there. Cylinder Head Accessories. Didn't seem very efficient to me. ??? Does Swift CHT Gauge Part # 10-00486 CHT use a type J thermocouple? We only recommend using Swift probes with these gauges. Using an IR temperature 'gun' to measure the temperature of my exhaust pipes immediately adjacent to the cylinder headsI consistently have about a 20 F difference in temperaturesright cylinder is hotter than left. The PCM uses class 2 communication, (serial data communications) to send engine coolant temperature to the dash guage. If the temp sensor in the cylinder head needs replacing, is this the part number I am looking at? im having problems with my temp gauge, it doesnt work. Took it to dealer for annual check up and said one cylinder has zero compression, all the other cylinders 120lbs plus. Knowing the temp of a cylinder head is cool but look at this gauge. and see if the digital temp readings behave like the gauge does if they behave the same, then it is probably your cylinder head temperature sensor going bad, or you are low on coolant, or you have a coolant bubble trapped, or there is a communication issue between the cluster and the computer, I thought now that sip and some other manufactures are selling temp guages as part of the speedo that its probably reasonable to find out what it all means ,its one thing seeing a number its another understanding its meaning. So, if the sensor doesn't work properly, your temperature gauge won't be of much help either. He has two places to buy parts. the problem is, it sounds like your gauge is shot. ITs a turbo with an intercooler and i have no clue what it does. Runs great, hauls ass. Helpful information and resources on Massey Ferguson tractors from SSB Tractor, a leading provider of tractor parts, manuals, implements and toys11/08/2009 · Ranger & B-Series - Oil gauge "needle flicker"@Idle 02 Ranger - After hours of searching,I learned that there's a Voltage Regulator for the dash Instruments?My 02 Here's how to tell exactly how much propane is in your tank, even if it doesn't have a gauge. These are for race applications only, and the kit does not include air cleaners. Re: Temp Gauge Fluctuation & Heat Issue Just as a heads up, you might Want to buy the motor craft thermostat. Fairing Mounted Cylinder Head and/or Oil Temperature Dash Gauge No matter what model air cooled V-Twin engine you have, your cylinder head temperature is a vital statistic. That temp gauge position looks fine, if anything it's a little low! Normal position would be bang in the middle at 50%. southwestairsports. 05/09/2018 · I have a 2015 PreRunner 4 cylinder Automatic. 10/07/09 Injectors not Recommended. Compare our prices! We have the right parts for your old tractor. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jims Black ForceFlow Cylinder Head Fan Kit 5401 at Amazon. 2004 ford f150 fx4 new body style 5. Pretty dang hot but those XLs would still run for years. The other is the EFE switch (Early Fuel Evaporation) Got my factory service manual, unit service manual, and electrical diagram/service manual yesterday! The CHT sends a signal to the Powertrain Control Module indicating the cylinder head temperature. I found that when changing the oil, it takes 4. The temp gauge sensor is on the drivers side of the block, near the oil filter. Please print a …Conversion kits are available with the 50 DCOE Webers. Cylinder Head Temp Gauge 12V Part Number: 1514244 Removed From Best Answer: This is a mechanical gauge and that's a tube, not a wire. sending unit that is matched to the guage. on a 18 VIP F&S. No coolant temp gauge and only an idiot/warning light, but honestly you're not losing much. I even tried running the main jet pig rich to see if it made a difference and it does not, perhaps on the order of 10 degrees but then the bike would bog and feel flat so I put it back to where I had it. com. The sensor for the V-6 is on the cylinder head near cylinder #5 just below the ignition coil. Just bought a 96 escort and the temp gauge does not work. The dealership did the first four oil changes but the last couple oil changes I did. 4 people found this useful Does the engine temp sensor or the water temp sensor work the temp gauge in the dash in a 97 Chevy Venture? Years ago I installed spark plug head temp gauge on a Honda XL600. His EBAY store is VT CYCLES HAWAII, OR "fast2wheels" EBAY stores. View sensor locations for the 4200 Vortec inline 6 cylinder engine used in Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada. There is a plug on the passenger side head that can be removed and a mechanical gauge installed into it. com site. 8l) - Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Removal - I have a 1999 f250 with the 6. On the 1998 4. After-run Temperature-Sensor and After-Run Control Relay 1986-91 5000/200 Turbo and Turbo Quattro 1992-95 Audi S4/S6 As mentioned, the turbo engines have this nice system where the turbo cooling pump and the low speed radiator fan come on for several minutes after the engine is shut down. This time the temp gauge had retreated to 1/2 way between normal and hot. Why would the realy that turns the compressor on and off work if the engine temp is at 150,if cylinder temps = higher engine temp. How Does it Work? An engine coolant temperature sensor also Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II and Solarix instruments are fully backed by a Limited 24-month Warranty against manufacturer defects and provide the Jan 7, 2016 Usually a bad or failing cylinder head temperature sensor will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that All of my RACE PARTS you see in my videos are purchased from VTcycles. There are two 'usual' ways of measuring temps, cylinder head temps usually with a thermocouple under the spark plug hex (karters and ultralight people have been doing this for years) and exhaust gas temps with a thermocouple in the exhaust. 8 V10 engine, I think the cylinder head temp sensor is bad. But just knowing the generic type of engine does not begin to tell the whole story. The sensor on the 4-cylinder engine sticks straight up on the head next to the coolant filler neck. Same-day shipping and easy returns. I don't consider the factory gauge much of an asset. Running too hot or cold is a sure sign of your power plants health and longevity and should not be over-looked. 3, 6. Most cylinder heads are identified in a general sense from simply looking at them. You should get the temp gauge, just dont look at it in stop and go traffic. 4 Powerstroke Diesels and the Ford Escape Hybrid. Either way, i think thats fairly accurate and it gives me and idea if the bike is orperating normaly. As its name implies, the cylinder head temperature sensor measures the temperature of the engine cylinder head. A Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge has a much shorter response time than the oil temperature gauge, so it can alert the pilot to a developing cooling issue more quickly. Re: Temperature gauge on outboard? Yes, you can mount a temp gauge to an outboard. Please note, protection plan details will be delivered by EMAIL ONLY, via AmazonSupport@Warrantech. Technical Updates. zIt looks like it belongs in a hospital machine or something. I see a "cylinder head temperature sensor" shown in the passenger side cylinder head under third intake port from the front in the valley of the engine. I think you will find it is running hot. The sender is an external sensor that is going to be mounted onto one of the head bolts and the sensor will be touching the head cover on the outside. Get a temp gun and check cylinder temp running under load. And my coolant temp is an older gauge before they Dummified them so as to not freak out the modern consumer who might freak out with a needle that swings 1/16 an inch up and down when going up or downhill. It's a 1/4" hole,48" lead,going for $19. 96 v6 does not have a cylinder head temp sensor. RebelYell wrote: Took the instrument panel out of the 77 Barcelona today and swapped out the CVR with a new one and the fuel and temp gauge still did not work. sensor well, more the likely there could be a coolant leak for cooling system to be empty, also could have damage your cylinder's head's If the fan temp switch is mounted in the side of the head, that area will be hotter than if it had been mounted in the intake. Engine Starts but Does Not Run Properly . There areCylinder Head Temperature Gauge Proper installation of the cylinder head temperature sender the gauge and gauge light work properly. It has to be repaired by a professional. Introduction (page down for installation instructions) A cylinder head temperature gauge (CHT) is an essential tool used to monitor the running temperature and health of a (2) stroke engine. The price range of such gauges was from $60 to $125. There are also a few that use the passenger side cylinder head … or intake manifold instead. Here's the problem- cylinder head temp goes to 450-500 on freeway at 55 mph and oil temp shoots up to 270. I have changed the sending unit in the cylinder head 3 times, change to new repro circuit board, Used 3 temperature gauges. 5 plates dump way too much water. How does a Galileo thermometer work? NEXT PAGE Based on a thermoscope invented by Galileo Galilei in the early 1600s, the thermometer on your co-worker's desk is called a Galileo thermometer . The temp gauge is getting to be a standard item for outboards, and I believe BW/Mercury wouldn't install one if they didn't work. I'd like to get a gauge that'll work for this 6 volt system (though my car has been converted to 12 volt). (see page 2 for setup instructions) The cylinder head is a major part of an engine, & contains the explosion of the fuel & directs the force into the parts that make the engine turn. I found one on the drivers side head under the intake manifold, near the thermostat housing. Conversion kits are available with the 50 DCOE Webers. Details about harley shovelhead panhead cylinder head temp temperature guage gauge vintage LL9 >> >>cylinder head where on later landies a temp gauge sender is fitted >> >>560794 ), so I could fit a sender to the 2A head. The change in cylinder head take a much longer time since it has a lot more mass to heat. It is often easier to determine why a car refuses to start than it is to figure out why the car is The CFR TRADING POST. MSD 72lb and precision turbo 880cc injectors are not recommended with SDS. The cylinder block is ok, which is very lucky for me. 2L V6 CHT cylinder head temperature sensor it my high idle at startup stopped and my temp gauge now works, 03/09/2009 · News: The SOHC/4 World I would like to install a VDO cylinder head temp gauge on my It will work,you have to bend the adapter and even though you might want Above, Jeff sent this photo of the CHT probe moved to the bottom of the head. 11/11/2015 · Modular V10 (6. So I think the Cylinder head temp gauge is better suited to, checking fuel mixture adjustments than actual whole Cylinder & Engine temperature's. Some folks think that reading the oil temperature is enough to determine the engine temperature but it's not. This will display EGT B, EB, or EGT TEMP B. You should be temping at the top of the cylinder no where else. I swapped gauges with senders and got different readings. I put in a new water temp sending unit and still no temp registers on the dash gauge. The sensor on the rear of the front cylinder is NOT the ambient air temp. « Last Edit: August 22, 2013, 08:25:25 PM by m in sc » I didn't realize there was 2 bleeder valves, I located them and there was a lot of bubbles coming out of both of them. in both cases the inside of the sensor head and the connecting tube are completely full. Can an Autometer water temperature gauge use stock senders? My LS-1 motor has a water temperature sender on the left side cylinder head. Hi DG, mskhan's pic is actually a standard triple - Oil pressure (top), Cylinder head temp (bottom left), Oil temp (bottom right). What kind of sender do you have? Some use a ring which does not need anything other than a plug R/R. After stopping to check, I restarted my car and the temp gauge went back to 195. These have been shown to have non-linear response on several engines. The after market on doesn't stay in the housing when your installing it, but the motorcraft one does. Perhaps a fitting backed out or cracked. Following are example prices for Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor May 30, 2018 A coolant temperature sensor sends feedback information to the computer. Many installations have both a cooling system water pressure gauge and a cylinder head temperature gauge. UPDATE: Had the heads cleaned up, valve stems honed, front cylinder head temp now reads between 300`F and 350`F according to the NOS HD cyl hd temp gauge; same with an IR thermometer. still having the same issues. Max safe cylinder head temp: Post Reply I have the TTO Trail Tech gauge and the only reference to temperature readings is that 30-500 degrees F is "Normal after hunting around for gauges ,tacho and senders for my 2704Et i found a digital gauge set for diesel engines on alibaba, it comes with senders, and does RPM, oil pressure, water temp, oil temp and has a built in hour meter all for about $300, easy to fit and very accurate. The extra air plus the fact that there is less combustion occurring because there is so little fuel causes the reduced exhaust temp reading for a lean setting. Its a Vapor Trail Tech. VDO Cylinder Head Temperature Wiring Kit, 15' Long, V240701 is a 15' long harness and ends to connect your VDO CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) gauge to your thermocouple on the engine. The temperature sensors in the water pump and the cylinder head are not the same. 205. After a recent fresh 350 engine installation in my 1986 GMC 3/4 ton 4WD pick up truck, my stock dash mounted temp gauge quit working. 425F is the redline CHT for some aircooled aircraft engines and it is best to keep them below 375F. My 2. If the temperature exceeds 126°C (-258°F), the PCM disables four fuel injectors at a time. Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Kit 14mm Sensor. They have a sealed capillary tube and bulb assembly that is filled with temperature sensitive liquid that produces a proportional vapor pressure on the bourdon tube. I bought an 81 Westfalia 3 months ago and it has a VDO cylinder head temp gauge and an oil temp gauge. Many training aircraft (which have relatively low performance engines) only have an oil temp gauge. The thermocouple produces a small voltage which to work You will receive a $30 credit towards any follow-up repairs that result from the diagnostic. Low temps in the single digits and highs in the teens. This will clash with the styling of the Springfield. usually when a contact breaks with the oil psi and temp gauges, the oil gauge pegs at max (80+ psi) and the water temp gauge sits at a zero reading (100 degrees). If it runs too cold just plug the popet hose to get more heat, Merc 2. The head locations will show a temp rise under load, this may not be seen at the thermostat. A cylinder-head temp gauge does NOT have to be working for an R22 to be airworthy. Part 2 of Water Temp Gauge Accuracy PROBE PLACEMENT for the WATER TEMP GAUGE Another topic worthy of mention is where to install the temperature probe at the engine. If so, there would be no binding. Be very careful when removing the staples that hold the tube to the boat as you don't want to damage the tube anymore. This sender supplies a signal to the ECU. Get a bolt 5/8″ long with this thread and an area washer, and you can clamp an under plug style sending unit right to the flat boss. VDO 250F Water Temp Gauge, Royale, White Face with Chrome Bezel, 2 1/16" for our Watercooled friends! The stock idiot light just doesn't cut it! Cylinder head damage (warpage) can occur if you overheat your engine! the gauge text is: temp cyl head, it seems to be an original gauge and is mounted at the left side of the left speaker Click to expand Please post a picture of the gauge, and the location where the wires are on the engine. On landing inspection revealed I was low on coolant. ) Replace the old sending unit, switch or pipe plug with the new I bought a Eclipse with a Ext. I pulled over popped the hood, the actual engine temp seemed normal, started it back up after about 2 minutes and the temp gauge showed normal. Take a look at the temperature gauge on a vehicle. If you continue to drive car like this, monitor temp gauge when idling in traffic, moment temp gauge goes between 1/2 and 3/4, park car on yellow line / pavement next to road to cool off, else If anything I would rather have the mechanical gauge in the cylinder head and move the factory temp probe somewhere else if you felt you wanted it to work too. The site for Ford F150 F-150 4. Last Edit: Jul 24, 2016 21:57:06 GMT 1 by essexman make sure you add the heater hose adapter on the options list when you buy the water pressure kit. that is very strange. The cylinder head temperature sensor is an electronic engine management sensor found on many modern vehicles today. The new temp works, it's just that I had to fit a tiny nipple in the orig sensor hole, then use fittings to basically make an external chamber for the new sensor to set in. 7L engine my temperauter guage didnt work at all when i got the truck. New values will give a more consistent mixture over full air temperture ranges. cylinder head. If anyone is speaking of CHT’s on a Corvair, and anyone comments on it without first establishing where the temp was taken and what kind of gauge was used, then they are not adding anything to UPDATE: Had the heads cleaned up, valve stems honed, front cylinder head temp now reads between 300`F and 350`F according to the NOS HD cyl hd temp gauge; same with an IR thermometer. 500F is way too high for an aluminum cylinder head temp. sensor will not read, like an air temp. They are 1 wire type sensors that are connected to "ground" by way of mounting into the cylinder head, and have a specified resistance relative to temperature. htmAn unmodified Top 80, for example, will have a cruising temperature between 120°C - 170°C with the TTO CHT gauge, depending on ambient conditions and Jun 10, 2013 “On applications that do not use an engine coolant temperature (ECT) A graph (Figure 3) showing temperature switching from the “COLD How does a CHT work ? - A CHT gauge uses a Type K thermocouple, which requires no power. Looking to install a traditional mechanical temp gauge on your vehicle? This video details a typical installation into an intake manifold and some of the common mistakes we hear about on the Auto Conversely, on a CBX, the oil temp will tell you pretty quickly when the cylinder head is getting too warm . I have a water pressure gauge. Refer to the table for the temperature to voltage expected values. sensor, leave it connected. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases05/09/2018 · I'd suspect you are talking about oil/engine temp. gauge versus radiator fan Other VW Group TD(I)s. if possible, take the temp at the head with the a IR thermometer. I changed temp sensor on passenger cylinder head, put a remanufactured pcm in. a 454 motor my temp gauge does mot work an NPT Replacement for Short Sweep Electric Cylinder Head Temperature gauges. But just knowing the generic type of engine does not begin to tell the 11/11/2015 · Modular V10 (6. Note: All Temperature sensors are designed to work with VDO gauges only. in jeep engine to check the head gasket, but am stumped on how to loosen the temperature gauge sending unit from the bushing in the right side of the cylinder head. Simpson, Cylinder Temperature Head Gauge. Re: 2000 ranger no heat temp gauge does not work If this 2000 has a Lima 2. I found one 05/05/2015 · picture did i just ruin this cylinder head??? Grizzly Engine & TransmissionHow much does it cost to replace a head gasket? Usually the repair estimate you receive as an answer to this question is enough to make you want to scrap your car and Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jims Black ForceFlow Cylinder Head Fan Kit 5401 at Amazon. 71 volts. Cylinders have been checked the same way and are also in perfect condition , there is no air lick and no crossover in the system from the cylinder to the cooling. In general, the plug temp on #1 will read 60-80F higher in climb that the same cylinder with a probe simaltainiously running on the bottom of the head. It can be made of many different materials, and can fail over time. 05/05/2015 · Grizzly Engine & Transmission Discuss your Grizzly engine and transmission modifications here. Turn on A/C and temps are around 100c as the fans are running of course. I looked at the details and they appear to put a ring under the spark plug whose resistance varies with temperature ("thermistor" ?) and controls the gauge. 8L) Coolant temp gauge sender hose flange on cylinder head. Well, from experience with my '85 Jetta TD, there are TWO temperature sensors, and they look identical and are near each other, on the driver's side of the head in a coolant flange I think. The temp gauge gets it's reading from the temp sender that's fitted on the cylinder head just beneath the thermostat (to the left of the radiator). If the gauge stays at that position in all traffic conditions, (including slow/stationary traffic jams), I wouldn't worry. Overview. sender up against the cylinder head or use the hole provided in the cylinder head, depending on the engine you have. check your work. Within this zone it is possible to have either a COLD END or HOT END voltage at the same temperature. The Z bracket through hole is held by any one of the engine's cylinder head bolts. My temp gauge is erratic. If it passes both tests , the gauge head & dashboard is fine , add a ground strap from the cylinder head (rocker box screw) to the firewall to properly ground the circuit . Short of really cold water, which does keep the gauge reading very low temp, my guess is a defective sensor at the engine. His EBAY store is VT CYCLES  Cylinder head temperature gauge (including tachometer) www. The meter can be Apr 20, 2012 All of my RACE PARTS you see in my videos are purchased from VTcycles. Are you aware of this? So you need to find out EXACTLY how hot your engine is running either by getting an Infra red thermometer or a new separate temp gauge in the vehicle…You need to know the ACTUAL temp of your coolant. For the electric water temp gauges, the temp sender should be located either in the intake manifold or the cylinder head; this is not an instance where a tee fitting can be used, as coolant will not circulate past the sender. The only tractors that had the water temp gage installed were the kerosene versions (NAN's) I drilled a hole for a 1/4 in NPT thread in the head on the flat some heads have between 1&2 cylinders. I would first check visually to see if the wires to this sensor are in good shape, and connected. Here is the standard C182 Instument cluster containing Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT), Oil Temperature, and Oil Pressure. 4 temp gauge does not work, a/c relay not getting gound signal form pcm, 4x4 not getting signal from pcm and check gauges on because of temp gauge not working. Best Answer: Short of knowing how to test the circuit, a sending unit is definitely the likely culprit. . 2. The cooling system in all vehicles has a pressure relief valve that is incorporated in the radiator cap. Unfortunately the cylinder head was warped. how does a cylinder head temp gauge workA Cylinder Head Temperature gauge (CHT) measures the cylinder head temperature of an engine. I did, but my problem ended up being that seemingly the only two wires that you can plug in into eachother are the knock sensor and cylinder head temp wires. On my 1999 Ford F150 4. Scrape the paint from the head under the sender to get good thermal transfer. Does anyone have a ratchet on the front harness?When I gutted my race car some of the wiring got messed up. the sensor in the left head is for the gauge on the dash board. Includes 1/8'' NPT sender (may be necessary to drill and tap threads into head) Maybe this is due to the location of the temp sensor being closer to the head. Auto Meter 4336 Details Cylinder Head Temp Electrical Gauges. mechanic temp gauge that he Agreed. The HEAD TEMP gauge will read correctly between the temperature range of 150 - 750 F (65 - 400 C). 0, 6. and back with decreasing temperature is included. Temperature gauge in it. I installed the bypass and like you said, did not warm up the motor. so for the hell of it I installed a pressure gauge in the bypass hose and plugged the hose after the gauge. The cylinder head temperature probe location is No. An advantage of the EGT monitoring verses monitoring the cylinder head temperature is a more immediate response to change in temperature. With the motor at 130, thermostat still close, I increase rpm and the gauge would spike to 30 psi. A live data tester would really help on this, you could compare the gauge sender with the ECT sensor, if they both show a swing in coolant temps like the temp gauge shows then I would have the cooling system checked, you could be getting air in it from some place like the water pump. The electromagnetic fan engages just like it's suppose to when I jump the connector for the temperature switch at the cylinder head (the one with 3 pins, two for fan engagement and one for the gauge). (see below) For an R22 under VFR non-135 ops, you need what is listed in 91. They temp gauge needle stayed the same when it was disconnected, right at half mass (Ive never pulled the sensor after the gauge has gone to hot after driving it, to see if it jumped to half way after disconnecting) Ive only ever pulled the connector and looked at the gauge when the car was cold As the cylinder head expands away from the block a deteriorated gasket simply cannot hold back the constant cylinder pressure any longer allowing pressure and temperature into the cooling system thus causing the vehicle to over heat. When head test temperatures were upped to 700 degrees, the reading of the gauge went up to 390 to 395 degrees. 6 Qts of oil to bring the level up to the top line on the stick. A cylinder head temp gauge is a cousin to the EGT gauge. This will eliminate the possibility that your dash gauge is not reading accurately. It is a"J" type. I think what highlifter sells for the hondaas is a cylinder head temp gauge, but i could be wrong. But you could but a tee somewhere in the oil lines near the oil cooler. My water temp gauge does My water temp gauge does not work, I've replaced all the sending swithes on the engine block or intake manifold and cylinder head rather The Westach Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge is for use with a 48" type J"712 series thermocouple. If item does not work, full refund minus shipping. Chevy 454 Temperature sending unit location on engine one is on the drivers side head between 1 and 3 spark plugs. I used a temp gun and measured a difference of approx 8 to 12 degrees difference in cylinder temp after a tune. is my temperature gauge does not work. However over the last week the temp gauge has been all over the show dropping to 60 C then jumping to 90C. Use a compression tester to check the compression on each cylinder. Also important to note: If you use our kit and mount it in the heater hose, you MUST mount it on the left hose going into the cylinder head. When I checked into it I found that the original temp sensor in the cylinder head is a Thermo switch and will not work the gauge, I need a variable resistance type sensor P/N 515 176 042 (replaces 515 175 820 ). According to the Nissan Service Manual, the sensor, located on the front side of the driver's side cylinder head, detects cylinder head temperature depending on engine coolant temperature. Fitting Water Temp Gauge. Does one know of an aftermarket Temp Gauge setup I can use to read engine temps on a air cooled engine? CHT or Cylinder Head Gauge! (should still work though). Please print a …05/09/2018 · I have a 2015 PreRunner 4 cylinder Automatic. U. Here is a picture of an Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge that is sometimes found. The water neck is where the top radiator hose comes across and connects to the radiator. This gauge has a user adjustable high temperature warning point. As you can see from the Lycoming chart the Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) peaks in this range, and there is a risk of exceeding the CHT limits and seriously damaging your engine by operating in this range for extended periods of time, particularly at high power settings. Corvairs had an "idiot light" sensor set for about 450F CHT. Per the manufacturer you will use the probe supplied with the rotax engine. One is a temp sensor and one is a temp switch. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our 05/09/2018 · I'd suspect you are talking about oil/engine temp. sensors, meaning Temperature Up, Resistance Down. You would either use a "Z" bracket to secure the temp. com/ppgtechinfo/top80/hrservicenotes/CHT/cht. In air-cooled aircraft engines you'll often see a cylinder head temp gauge in addition to an oil temp gauge. The CHT doesn't measure coolant temp but cylinder head aluminum temp, so coolant temperature is inferred from that. Done lots of mechanic work for a living and went above and beyond install instructions. I hope somebody can help. 1cylinder S/N 18051446 through S/N 18052500, No. >> > it should have a temp gauge. Head temperatures are related to the work that the engine has to perform and will increase more Installing a temp gauge can seem hard but its actually very simple. 2 cylinder through S/N 18051445, No. They should be close, but don't expect them to be "perfectly" synchronized. sensor. On the other hand, if the compression comes up a little, but not enough, the problem may be both rings and valves. Four cylinder front wheel drive automatic 94,245 miles. The older BMWs like the E46 had a buffered coolant temp gauge which essentially showed "straight up normal" for a wide range of temps, and then swinging directly over to "DANGER RED" without any in between when overheating. set for the main water temp gauge, Fahrenheit or Celsius. I am fairly sure I am jetted about perfect. I have had these problems for a while. I have a 1983 chevy k10 with a a 5. This gauge measures the head temperature. Can't say the Amsoil did more than 1 or 2 of it. The sending unit is located in the front section of the manifold in the vicinity of the thermostat. A cylinder head also supports a host of accessories such as sensors, camshaft actuators, gaskets and ignition system components. On a 95 or 110 head this hole is threaded 3/8-16. The surface of a cylinder head may warp and no longer provide a flat surface to hold the head gasket properly. Does the 10-00419 gauge feature temperature compensation? Per Westach, the Cylinder Head Temperature CHT Gauge does not feature temperature compensation. Tech. No matter what model air cooled V-Twin engine you have, your cylinder head temperature is a vital statistic. Carp I have sent a TTO cylinder head temperature gauge (sold by JN Motors) off the scale and it maxes out at 275 degree Celsius, so i wouldn't mind betting that the cylinder head temperature exceeded 300 degrees Celsius using the standard cylinder head. any ideas? Hi all, 2000 Mitsubishi galant 2ltr 5sp,Temp gauge-start it up drive about 2ks and T/gauge moves up to half way and stops there thanks for any help, Ray H 11/21/2017 by Ray H '08 Chrysler 300 lx no temp reading, red lightning bolt and check engine light, radiator fans run when cold, getting heat in cabin. Cylinder Head Temperature: Another popular gauge is the Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) gauge. The one in the cylinder head is the coolant temp sending unit for the temp gauge. Does this probe work with autometer cylinder head temperature gauges, for example part # 4336? Cylinder Head Temp Gauge - posted in Nuts 'n' Bolts: I've been a pilot long enough to know that air-cooled engines are cylinder head temperature sensitive. Regarding the cost for the head work, the price seems reasonable. Although I'm not installing it on a a Mini Bike it would work very well for one. should be a hole in the cylinder head under the thermostat. 7 runs very cold once the temps get below 30 degrees. 60 volt or 3. the 2 wire sensor sticking in the front of the manifold is the coolant temp sensor to tell the ecm how hot the coolant is. Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:54 am Post subject: 8N Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge I had a cracked and warped head on one of my 1952 Ford 8Ns (6V, Side mount dist) so I replaced it with a new head. Below is the list of Ford specific X-Gauge codes. When compression leaks past a head gasket, it does not push coolant into the oil or oil into the coolant so you will never see it. The new gaskets cannot make up for deviations in the cylinder head if the head is not PERFECTLY square. The temp sender unit is screwed into the head on the drivers side. Camshaft position sensors are bolted to the cylinder head either at the front, middle or rear of the camshaft location. This sender is designed to work with Dakota Digital's ODYR-11-1 and SLX-11-1 cylinder head temp gauges and BIM-12-1 expansion module. The sensor unit, however, may be in one of several locations - the thermostat housing, the cylinder head or the upper radiator hose . Instructions are provided how to do this. The temp that the PCM sees can be monitored with a scan tool and compared to the gauge reading. I purchased a temperature guage and a temp. The #3 cylinder is the one toward the right-rear of the car. 3 Temp/Fan Switch/Sensor Questions My questions have to do with my new to me 1992 190E 2. Yours seems to have done the opposite. The reason it did not read hot, on your temp. you'll find one). The installation of the O-470-S engine in Model 180J (1973 and 1974) will require a changeof the oil temperature gauge and the cylinder head temperature probe location. Ensure temperature resistance curve is the same as the gauge it will be used with. dl19 : check the operation of the cylinder head temperature sensor Run the engine until the engine temperature stabilizes. Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge - Indicates the temperature of all cylinder heads or on a single CHT system, the hottest head. Hope this helps. The temp gauge sensor for your engine is located down front on the engine block near the thermostat housing & hose. Top of upper radiator hose flange on cylinder head (1. Maybe you have a blown induction gasket, a loose induction tube, a loose hose clamp on an induction tube, or a cracked rubber hose between the sump and the induction tube. If the gasket has blown, you will have low compression on at least one cylinder. Cylinder head temperature gauge installation In order to allow for expansion of the piston in a two cylinder air cooled engine the fit between the piston and the cylinder wall is such that it allows for this expansion. 2 temp gauges were used, the one in the car now was NOS, so I know it cannot be temp gauge. In very cold weather, the gauge can also tell you if the engine is being overcooled (which will increase fuel consumption and engine wear). Audi Technical Information, Factory Service Manual, Factory Repair ManualHome Trouble Shooting. changed Temp and oil sending unit issues are a common problem with Jeeps so I suspect that a new sensor (rear, D-side of head) for the gauge will correct your issue. the pressure is related to the temperature and it may be indicated on a simple pressure gauge. 4 duratorq DI rwd engine,i have found the Cylinder head temp sensor and unplugged it then the van doesnt want to start,plugged it back in and it starts, By the time the temperature from the cylinder friction, registers @ the Cylinder head. Cylinder head temperature gauges, cylinder head temperature gauge sending units, Westach cylinder head temperature gauges, CHT gauges and probes. Try removing the spade terminal and shorting it against the engine block with a paper clip. The head gasket is the seal between your cylinder head and engine block. Electrical sending unit in left head does not have a wire going to it & i cannot find where to run wire to diagram says to go to dark green #35 cannot find it. This sender only works with 1995 and later gauges. Ford Specific X-Gauges view parameters such as Transmission Fluid Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature, Fuel Level, and more on your Ford. 1993 Camry 4 cylinder So it’s been really cold here in Michigan recently. The temperature gauge provides an early warning of overheating, allowing you to stop the car before any damage occurs. Mechanic tested gauges and they are accurate. The PCM will alternate which four injectors are disabled every 32 engine cycles. The temp sender is located in one of two places, one is in the driver side cylinder head, it looks like a spark plug at first glance, but should have a thin wire connected to it, if not your gauge is not connected, or the contact may be corroded check and see that everything is clean. In the second instance, the CHT gauge which normally sat around 200 degrees F on my 582, started to increase, (on a liquid cooled engine the CHT reading is effected by the water circulating through the cylinder head, lowering the readings), and then suddenly decreased. These apply to EM-4 and EM-3 ecu's. We check a cylinder head for warp, with a straightedge and a feeler blade. There are three sensors, that are involved in this, the temperature gauge sending unit is located by the coolant housing on the cylinder head, you have one on the rear of the engine near the coolant housing. Just looking on the wiring diagram for the Z3 and the coolant temp sensor for the gauge is at the rear of the cylinder head under the inlet manifold so it will get to see any heat pretty quickly perhaps that is why is rises fast initially. Cylinder head have been checked by pressure test and have shown a perfect health condition , no cracks no damages . In the mornings when I turn on the car the needle on the temperature goes to high in ten seconds and will not go down any more. There is a small White box looking thing that is inside the fairing that connects to the outside ambient temp gauge, that is what you unplug. Most temp gauge senders are what I've heard referred to as T. but we have p/n: 10-02745 which is a CHT sender for rotax. Re: Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge Installation Post by carp » Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:43 pm That Aircraft Spruce site has a 10mm ring type listed in the Falcon instrument listings. The oil temp is 245degrees at that time. Regarding the thimble, it should be insterted into the head, with the base flush with the surface of the head and with the "nozzle" slot facing inward. Reverse Lights Do Not Work. The only time I've ever heard of a cylinder head temperature gauge was way back in 1963 when, as a kid, I watched Bonanza on Sunday evening and saw this commercial: I must be getting old or something. thermometers filled with either a liquid such as mercury or an evaporating fluid as used in refrigreators. Cylinder head temp gauge. don't waste time worrying about the current grounds , just do this as the gauge is very sensative and needs a closed loop ground path for accuracy . It keeps coolant in the water jacket and combustion gases directed to the exhaust. I knew that degree in Aviation Maint. Another point, if you are extremely low on coolant the gauge at the head will tell you immediately where-as the intake will take longer. This is the part that actually measures the temperature, and sends a signal back to the gauge. How to Use a Cylinder Leakdown Tester. That bike would easily see 500-600 degrees. -bone stock, 80k miles. New air temperature correction values. That is the Engine Temp. The temp gauge itself had a brass detector, which wasnt anything near big enough to fit it like a normal head temp gauge, (instead of the spark plug o ringy sealy thingy) but was just big enough to fit it on one of the head studs. Note the temperature to voltage overlap zone. Your gauge issue is interesting. It used to work, but then the gauge didnt work anymore. The first two tables depend on the protocol your Ford runs in. DL is right, but you need to switch the ignition on first, then remove the wire from the temperature sender which is screwed into the cylinder head beside the thermostat and near to the top hose and touch it on to the cylinder head. i have a question, my car's gauge all ways go to high temperature even when is cold. The red zone generally begins when the coolant temperature exceeds 120 C or so. 6 yrs ago I had similar welding, shaving, and just 2 seats replaced for $320. It does not have light trucks had 6 cylinder Installing a temp gauge can seem hard but its actually very simple. I need to get it fixed if something is wrong because it only has 70,000 miles, and cannot afford to buy a new car now. I know this is old and probably doesn't do the Original Poster much good, but I came across this thread when searching for the Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor location. R. I had the new head tapped and drilled for a water temp sensor and installed it (Thanks Hobo!) The head gasket also seals the coolant passages between the cylinder block and head, there is not a whole lot of pressure in this area, but sometimes engine coolant can become corrosive due to the lack of service, and at this point, the coolant can eat away at the head gasket, and eventually it will cause a leak. If it does not come up at all, leaking valves or a blown head gasket is the problem. Re: 454 Chevy temp sensor 01/18/2016 12:50 AM In the first design of the 366-427 engine, all coolant monitoring was done by water temperature sensors installed in the intake manifold in the short water runners between the thermostat housing, and the front of the cylinder head. Strange CHT cylinder head temp problems - posted in Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo): Hi, I had a lot of trouble with my car not idling right away and smoking like hell and having a stinky diesel smell. I'm taking the cylinder head off a 134 cu. I found more info and better price on that Tempco TRW 00023 on the Drillspot. Cycling gauge is a prime example of a restricted/ plugged up water jacket ports in manifold and heads. 2L V6 I found it on the backside of the drivers side cylinder head. What probe does this use ? and what is length? I need at least 6 ft to reach dash. 3L The ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor is located in the left cylinder head between #3 & #5 spark plugs, and uses a black and a yellow wire. Unfortunately, I'm using both on my project but you can find them every once in a while on Ebay if you search for it (search using different words, for example, head gauge, cylinder head temp, SW head, etc. The damage was already done. The sensor held in by 3 bolts is the 'Otter' switch which is part of the choke warning light system. Temp. 04/08/2011 · I was thinking about installing a cylinder head temp gauge on my ds7 and was wondering if other do so? I found an analog westack twin cylinder gauge and was wondering if this is a decent worth while investment?To make matters worse, you may need some additional work because your engine overheated and the cylinder head may be warped, so you may also need some machine work done to the head, that would be an additional $300, then they ask, "would you like us to start on it today?" At this point, your head is spinning because you don't even know what a head gasket is, or what is does!In the second instance, the CHT gauge which normally sat around 200 degrees F on my 582, started to increase, (on a liquid cooled engine the CHT reading is effected by the water circulating through the cylinder head, lowering the readings), and then suddenly decreased. Both temperature dials are in degrees Fahrenheit. 1. Hi, Just wondering if im right thinking that my transit has 2 water temp sensors,one for the cylinder head and one for the temp gauge? its the 2. You'll never run out in the middle of barbecuing dinner again!Part 2 of Water Temp Gauge Accuracy PROBE PLACEMENT for the WATER TEMP GAUGE Another topic worthy of mention is where to install the temperature probe at the engine. Re: cylinder head temp gauge « Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 02:33:56 PM » by the time your gauge registers that your heads are to hot, the piston will have already seized, get the egt its way more accurate. 4. 5, then the temp gauge sending unit is not 'the last thing' before flow back to the radiator. Land Rover use a sophisticated choke warning light system with a switch on the control itself or the cable (depending on model) and the temperature switch (otter switch' in the cylinder head. CFR Parts For Sale or Trade: Need? Sell? Engines or Parts: View This Page of Engines & CFR Engine Parts, Octane, Supercharge, CetaneFord 8N Yesterday's Tractors for sale at discount prices. or the wire may have melted insulation and may be grounded The temp gauge fix also requires the wires to be switched at the temperature sending unit at the corner of the cylinder head. If this Handlebar Mounted Cylinder Head and/or Oil Temperature Dash Gauge Marlin’s popular head / oil temperature gauge is now available in a handsome bar mount. That wire comes from the Temp Sensor II (AKA the Cylinder Head Temp sensor), and plugs into a box connector on the fuel injection wiring harness. Diagram A Gauge dimensions20/09/2018 · Ford F150 Forum. Why do you need a CHT gauge? If you drive an air cooled or in fact any vehicle this CHT gauge will tell you a lot about the state of tune of your engine. I found one 05/05/2015 · picture did i just ruin this cylinder head??? Grizzly Engine & TransmissionHow much does it cost to replace a head gasket? Usually the repair estimate you receive as an answer to this question is enough to make you want to scrap your car and Buy Jims Black ForceFlow Cylinder Head Fan Kit 5401: Braking - Amazon. I finally got it up to 475°F on the Cylinder Head Temp gauge last weekend by lugging it in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but when it sits idling in the summer sun, the temps always settle down to about EDIT 275-300°F. After we remove and clean the head, we use a straightedge and feeler blade to check the surface. I am hoping this did the trick. . Has anyone here purchased the VDO head temp gauge from the eBay seller in Latvia? He wasn't able to say which wire harness works for that gauge so I'm thinking that VDO 240701 Cylinder Head Temp Wiring Kit for the now defunct VDO 310033 gauge might work. For 2011, Mazda is transitioning to zero-weight (0W20) synthetic motor oil in all of its four-cylinder engines, which enables an extended service interval of 10,000 miles in light-duty use (easy Temp gauge sits in the middle unless you work the engine hard and temps go over 130 then gauge goes to red. This sending unit can also be used for short sweep electric water, oil, and trans temperature gauges where sending unit clearance is an issue. I have one of those under the plug senders with a VDO cylinder head temp gauge. One connects to the ground on the and one is the signal. When the cylinder head temperature (CHT) heads toward 500 deg F, rapid cylinder wear ensues. This sensor is located - on the engine - by the water neck. White/ voilet, and brown/white are the colors of the wires on the switch. Commonly used on air-cooled engines, the head temperature gauge displays the work that the engine is performing As the engine works at high speed or uphill, head temperature will increase quickly. Anyone know of a cylinder head temp gage that would work on a Buell and could be read in flight? Marlins Clocks makes one but the probe goes on the valve cover and the gage is a large chrome POS that only goes to 300F. The rear cylinder head is the most common to fail. Is anyone using an aftermarket mechanical temp gauge? I bought a set of Bosch gauges and hooked the temp sender in the passengers side head in the port between number 6-8 cylinder head. I found nothing in that price range I would wish on my worst enemy. would pay off one day. Bad cylinder head An exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT gauge) is a meter used to monitor the exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine in conjunction with a thermocouple-type pyrometer. It seems fine nowtemp gauge does not waver hardly at all. I expect this is because the heads and valve stems, having all the carbon deposits etc cleaned out, transfer heat out thru the fins better. You can use this tool to check the temperature of the cylinder head, the temperature of the top and bottom of the radiation and the temperature at the sensor to your dash gauge. Considering the complication involved with mass-producing cars, the “factory guys” do some very good work. The bulb in the cylinder head has a tube to the rear of the gauge. gauge, is cause your temp. Part 2 of Water Temp Gauge Accuracy PROBE PLACEMENT for the WATER TEMP GAUGE Another topic worthy of mention is where to install the temperature probe at the Overview. The temp gauge on the dash displays the information transmitted by the coolant temperature sensor. Anyway I currently have a stock temp gauge (old) coupled with a new temp sending unit located in the stock location on the head; SBC between #1 and #3 cylinders If I can't get the temp to work I'll probably wind up drilling the head. gauge maxed out. since so much of the oil is up on top of the cylinder head trying to cool it I replaced the near useless voltmeter on my bike with an oil temp gauge - You would be surprised what you can learn from the gauge. i found a wire hanging on the side of the Head and i saw a plug right next to it so i hooked them up, and then my temp. I had the new head tapped and drilled for a water temp sensor and installed it (Thanks Hobo!) The temperature sensor on a SBC is usually located on the driver's side cylinder head, on the side of the head. Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1. It was funny I wasent really lookin for one and my buddy Al says you need a empi cyl head temp gauge in that car! Kinda got me thinken went home that day went to ebay and I couldent believe one was there Bam 2 bones later and it was mine . We removed the cylinder head and took a straight edge gauge the cylinder head and block to make sure that it is not warp. Temperature gauges are built into the car's instrument housing on the dashboard. EGT gauges are found in certain cars and aeroplanes. You cannot just use regular automotive wiring for this job, due to the characteristics of the CHT Thermocouple. HEAD - Cylinder head temperature input. seems to be pointing the to the cylinder head temp As the title says Speedometer, RPM, And Temp Gauge for $100. One good way of insuring the block-to-body ground is good is to use a short "starter" cable, that is, eyelet to eyelet, bolted to the rear of the driver side head, and bolted to the firewall, or master cylinder mounting stud. Does the resistor problem affect 2004 models, have fitted new w/pump, temperature sensor and thermostat, and still both the fuel gauge and the temp gauge lie , showing 3/4 full, when it’s actually 1/4. The hole he put it in is the stock GM location. to come on or the temp gauge to peg. One of the by-products produced by your engine is heat. Cylinder Head Temperature Sender - 18 foot length for 14mm Spark P VDO cylinder head temperature gauge The sender is a large screw terminal with 2 wires that fits between the head and the spark plug . All 2003 and older Ford vehicles will use the PWM protocol, however 2004 -2007 Fords may use PWM or CANSF. I decided to drive a little more, again very slowly around my fields, and checked the engine again. The sensor informs the PCM and instrument cluster temperature gauge of engine temperature and is located in the aluminum of the cylinder head in the V of bank 2 near cylinder #5. Sensors are matched to gauges according to maximum reading on dial face. also, both are affected somewhat by airflow over head or exhaust, but particularly the cht. Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 3:06 pm Post subject: Re: cylinder head temp gauge I'm also using a MGL TC-1 as well , also on a Type4 , I didn't want to remove any material from the plug boss so I JB Weld/devconed the thermocouple to the side of the plug boss. 1992 190E 2. Anyway I purchased a digital temp gauge and wanted to see what the oil temp actually was when the rear cylinder cut off as I understand that happens at a HT of 287degrees. In all instances of the erratic display at the Water Temp gauge, the probe for the gauge was installed in the cylinder head (where the switch for an original warning light had been installed). ? but does it need to be electrically powered to work? because all there The reason i ask is that I have a KOSO digi water temp gauge for my RS250 track bike, but the water temp sensor plug will bottom out inside the head while the sensor is not tight (one off billet heads, not stock ape). 3 that I picked up for a mere $500. The sender is threaded into the bracket's remaining hole down against the cylinder head. I have one of the newer Scitsu temperature gauges that use a nine volt battery for power. The cylinder head gasket could have blown between a cylinder and the water jacket. The cylinder head temperatures are a little alarming to me though. Your engine head temp does go up in lean settings but this is due to friction and detonation. What would cause coolant temperature gauge to My temp gauge is not I have a audi a4 2001 model the temperature gauge does not work and it losses Converting warning lights to gauges in a 1966 the backs of the ammeter and temp gauge. Louis~ 2000 blazer. However, on some vehicle models this gauge works through the ECT sensor as well. The coolant temp sensor is located in the middle of the cylinder head usually on the drivers side. how does a cylinder head temp gauge work any rise in temperature produces expansion or evaporation of the liquid so the sensor becomes pressurised. When I asked my master 01/06/2012 · My 'Duster has a cyl temp gauge but it's not working